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Dating Advice for Single Women
Dating Advice for Single Women



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Show #59: My guest on the show is Mr. Locario, Dating Coach at MrLocario.com.
Mr. Locario is a different kind of Dating Coach. He was a self proclaimed serial dater before he got married and noticed he had a knack for getting the women he wanted.  So, Mr. Locario started out by helping friends and family members with dating. And now he date coaches both men & women to help them meet the right person and get into a long term relationship.
He has a no nonsense straight forward approach to the dating and the game of life.  He gives both men & women the knowledge, truth & confidence to understand what they want and what may be blocking them from meeting the right one. Thus, helping create the best options for themselves in Love and in Life.

The Reasons Why You Might Be Single:

Do you ever feel like you’re never going to meet the right man?
Dating definitely isn’t a ‘walk in the park’, but sometimes you, yourself can make dating seem much harder than it really has to be.
All to often, both Mr. Locario and I see single women doing things that are actually keeping them single.  While you may say you want to meet the right man, sometimes you may unknowingly be doing things that are keeping you single, which are:

  • You need to take responsibility for you love life

The right man is not going to just show up one day and sweep you off your feet. It’s time to take control of your love life and take time to get out there and meet men and date.  Finding love is not going to happen on it’s own, it’s going to require you to do some work on your personal life.

Just remember it’s a numbers game, the more dates you go out on, you’ll increase your chances of meeting the right man.

  • You’re too picky!

There’s nothing wrong with having standards and a basic list of ‘must haves’. But when you’re list of ‘must haves’ and ‘deal breakers’ is way too long, it’s going to be impossible for you to meet anyone who actually has all those qualities.

Trust me when I say, if you meet a man who has 75% to 80% of what you’re looking for, then you’re lucky!

It’s important for you to assess, what’s actually a ‘must have’ and what is a ‘it would be nice to have’.

  • You need to give him a second chance

When you go out on a first date, stop looking for instant chemistry and hitting it off, right off the bat. Sometimes, love doesn’t happen that way.

So, if there isn’t something blatantly wrong with the man, then you need to go out on a second date to see what he’s really like and get to know him. Sometimes it takes time for a spark to happen…so be more open!

  • You might be misinterpreting his actions or what he said

Don’t immediately discount a man because of something he did or said on a date, because you really don’t know what he’s thinking.

For example, if he doesn’t offer to drive you home or walk you home after a first date, it may not be because he’s not a gentleman.  He may just be respecting you, because a lot of women don’t want a man to know where they live after a first date.

It’s important to remember, men and women think completely differently about a lot of things!

  • It’s your responsibility to go out and meet the right man

You need to stop waiting for the right man to find you, you need to take initiative and you have to make it happen.

A lot of women waste time dating men, who have no intention of making a commitment and the men even tell the women they’re dating that. However, all too often a woman doesn’t hear what he’s saying, and she thinks she can be the one to change him.

Don’t think you can change a man. A man is not going to change, unless he WANTS to change!

The most important thing is, you never want to give a man an ultimatum.  He should want to commit to you on his own accord.

If you follow these dating tips, it will help you be more positive about dating and meeting the right man.  The  more open you are to dating, the more chances you have of meeting the right man!
If you liked this interview with Mr. Locario, then check out his other interview on “What Attracts a Man!”

  1. The Honest Truth says:

    Well it is very true that the women of today are really to Blame for their own Singleness since they have become so Damn Picky when it comes to a Relationship with a man these days since they will Only want the Best of all and will Never settle for Less do to their Greed And Selfishness. And Most of them are Very Spoiled as well.

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