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Show #69: My guest on the show is Sandra Fidelis, Dating Coach at SandraFidelis.com.
When you first start dating a man, sometimes you may not be sure if he’s REALLY into you. You may think he likes me, but how do you really know if he’s FALLING for you?!
Sometimes you may look for a major sign that screams to you that, ‘he’s really into you!’, but sometime the signs coming from him may be much more subtle.  So, if you’re oblivious, you may just completely miss the signs he’s giving you that mean that he’s really falling for you.

4 Signs He’s Falling for You:


  • Watch His Actions, Don’t Listen to What He’s Saying!

Now this may sound counter intuitive, but some men will just say what they think you want to hear and not follow through with actions.

The smart woman knows to watch his actions, instead of listening to his words.

Men show love differently than what women expect. He may show you by just wanting to spend more time with you. He may even pass on a guy’s night out, just to be with you.  Or he may invite you to social gatherings with his friends/family, or work related events.

If he does this, that means he’s starting to want to show you off to other people who are important to him.  Basically he’s “announcing” that you’re his lady!

  •  He Becomes Protective of You!

It’s just a part of man’s nature to want to protect you, as his woman.

So if something happens to you and you tell him about it.  He’s going to want to “fix it” for you, or help make it better for you.  He’ll want to be your super hero and protect you.  It just shows he wants you to be happy.

For the video I mention about the nail in the head, Click Here => The Nail in the Head Video

  •  He Starts to Volunteer to Do Things for You!

Men want to feel needed.  So, he may start to offer to help you and do things for you.  Like walk your dog or fix something for you in your home.

Now as capable and strong as you are, let him do it for you…because believe it or not, this is what makes a man happy!

  • He Introduces You to His Mother!

If he’s close to his mother, and/or his siblings, and he tells you he wants you to meet them, that’s a huge sign. Men don’t usually introduce you to their family unless they think you’re important to him.

A man will get feedback from his family and what they think is important to him….especially if he’s thinking about spending the rest of his life with you!

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