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Flirting for Fun

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Show #199: My guest on the show is PJ Dixon, Life, Love & Relationship Coach at PJ’s Wisdom.

Flirting for Fun

My guest on this week’s show is PJ Dixon, a Life, Love, and Relationship Coach at PJ’s Wisdom. Throughout his entire life, PJ has been the one that friends and family turned to for relationship advice on how to attract the opposite sex. By honing his skills in reading and understanding people, PJ would go on to motivate those in pursuit of a loving relationship with the partner of their dreams.
On this week’s show, PJ and I discuss the hot topic of flirting. You may flirt to feel sexy and submissive, or you may flirt to level the playing field – whatever the case, flirting can be an incredibly fun way to get to know a man you’re interested in. This week, PJ will offer a few flirting tips for women looking to make the most out of their sensual sides.

Keep the Mood Playful and Fun

PJ’s first flirting tip is to consider an important principle of improvisation when bantering back and forth with a man: the idea of “Yes, and….” For example, if a man says, “I’m going to take you to the moon,” agree and add on to the scenario. Don’t kill the conversation and the playful mood it creates by rejecting your partner’s ideas. Continuing to add on to the fun will create a sense of equality between you, and your man won’t feel like he must compete for your attention.

Use Your 5 Senses for Sensual, Lively Flirting

The second tip for flirting for fun is to incorporate all of your five senses. With sight, you’re able to give him a flirtatious gaze that suggests interest. His sense of smell will give you an opportunity to capture his attention – a woman that smells heavenly is a woman that a man will think about all day long. With your sense of touch, convey your interest by placing a hand on his chest and making eye-contact – he’ll feel the irresistible urge to chase after you. For taste, share food with each other to create a sense of intimacy and connection or pop on a lip-gloss with a tasty flavor and kiss him. Finally, play on his sense of sound by whispering in his ear softly and slowly.
According to PJ, one of the most beautiful qualities of a woman to a man is her sensuality. By engaging with your senses and flirting with them in mind, you’re able to show a man that you’re full of life and love.
Have you had any flirtatious interactions that you’ll never forget? Do you have any of your own flirty tricks up your sleeve? In the comments below, let us know your thoughts on PJ’s flirting tips for women.

About the Guest

PJ Dixon, a Life, Love, and Relationship Coach at PJ’s Wisdom, became a motivational speaker at the young age of seven, building his knowledge of love and relationships by analyzing the experiences of his friends and family over the years. Today, he uses his expertise to provide flirting tips for women on how they can better relate to men in order to build stronger and healthier romantic relationships.
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