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Show #61: My guest on the show is Ms. Solomon, Founder at The Dating Truth.
Ms. Solomon launched her career in the dating industry after she realized that dating was easy for her. She couldn’t understand why so many singles were complaining that dating was so hard.  She knew the truth about dating, which is it’s not that hard as long as you know the secrets.
She claims you can get anyone to date you, once they like you.  She discovered this while working in sales and marketing for 15+ years. Ms. Solomon says likeability can be achieved if you can answer, ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Do I have their trust?
  • Do I understand them?
  • Do I have something they want?

Trust, understanding and desire are the fundamentals of likeability. And Ms. Solomon says, when you can make another person feel safe, understood and desired…you’ll create an undeniable connection.

Where to Find Men:

Ms. Solomon, herself is a very proactive dater. She doesn’t wait around for men to find her, she goes out and finds them.  Yes, she will actually plan an activity with the sole intention of meeting men….which is why meeting men is so easy for her.

  • Shopping in the Men’s Department

Go to the men’s department in a store and find a man and ask him where he got the shirt that he’s carrying around, because you want to get the same shirt for your brother or father.  Here’s the key, you must mention your brother or father, so he knows you’re not shopping for your boyfriend.

Also, you can go to the men’s shoe department. Sit there and pretend like you’re waiting for someone and when you see a man you’re interested in trying on shoes, just make a comment like, “those shoes look really nice on you, you should get them!”.  Men love compliments and he will love that you said that.

  • Hotel Bars

Skip the regular bars you usually go to and head over to a great hotel bar. A lot of men travel for work and usually they will be sitting at the hotel bar, looking to meet someone to talk to.  And don’t worry if you’re not bold enough to talk to them, don’t worry because they will talk to you!

  • The Gym

It’s time to get healthy and go to the gym.  Men love to work out and it’s the perfect opener to ask him for tips on how to use a machine or get tips on protein drinks at the juice bar. Men love to show women what they know and what they’re good at, so don’t be shy about asking them for tips.  And if you’re brave enough, you can ask him to work in sets with him on a machine.

So, now you’re armed with 3 new places on where to meet men.  So, I’m going to challenge you to get out there this next week and go to at least one of these places and open up the door to conversation with a man you’re interested in.
If you want to know the 65 best places on where to meet men, then check out my eBook: The Secrets on Where to Meet Men!
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