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Show #234: My guest on the show is Sandra Fidelis, a Transformational Coach at SarahFidelis.com.

Why You Keep Attracting the Same Type of Men

For Sandra Fidelis, the need for healing was nothing new.
On her road to becoming a transformational coach, one of the first things she noticed about coaching was the need for guidance in dating and relationships. One of the most common problems in this sector of our lives is understanding why we can sometimes keep attracting the same type of men.
This week, Sandra and I discuss this very problem: why you keep attracting the same type of men.

What Are Your Core Beliefs?

Believe it or not, your troubles may be coming from within. All too often, we can fall into the habit of perpetuating patterns that contribute to attracting the same type of man over and over again. Over time, we develop core beliefs that truly shape our realities, and these realities can determine exactly how we interact with others and actively participate in relationships. If you find yourself consistently attracting the same type of men, try taking a look at your core belief system and what you feel like you deserve in a relationship. When there are things within you that need to be healed, you won’t be able to break out of your negative dating habits.

What Type of Relationship Do You Want to Attract?

When you don’t know what you want to experience in a relationship or exactly the type of man you want to extract, it’s very difficult to turn what you want into reality. When you settle for the same type of man over and over again, you become comfortable with not knowing what other types of experiences are open for you to explore in life and love. After you identify the core beliefs that you’ve established over your lifetime, take a moment to really consider what it is you want out of love, which will make seeking out your dream relationship that much easier.

Are You Frequenting the Same Places?

One of the best ways to start attracting different types of men, and more importantly, the type of men that you want to be involved with, is to frequent new places. You’ll never meet new men if you keep going to the same venues—so switch it up! The key to finding the relationship of your dreams is to put yourself out there in different ways. Visit a new city or switch up your night-out routine. The possibilities are endless, and as soon as you begin to widen your horizons, the sooner you’ll be on your way to getting into your dream relationship.
What do you think about Sandra’s tips and ideas on why you keep attracting the same type of men? Let us know in the comments below!
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